The Five Classic Pieces You Can Wear Anytime


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Classic men’s jewelry continues to be of great wear, no matter the age or era. This is why we are inspired by timeless pieces that are just as style-oriented in recent years as they were in the past.

What is so beautiful about a classic piece is that it is more appealing with age than it was when it is new and trending. Jewelry pieces that have done their time, gain character and meaning for remaining a classic through different times. These are pieces that will be relevant in a decade just as they are today. Discover the items that any man, whatever his age should have as part of his collection.

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From the ownership of a signet ring in earlier times beginning as descendants of seals used to indicate of goods and authentication of documents to later on being a symbol that associated with status and owning property, this piece has always been a symbol that is authenticated by you and belongs to you. In the 18th and 19th centuries, signet rings were associated with identity; fathers would pass them on to their sons, women to their husbands, and men as friendship rings trading amongst one another. No matter the era, the signet ring always represented something personal and displayed legitimacy.

A timeless, permanent article that is easy to wear, the signet ring’s weighty appearance adds a little dressiness, allowing it to be a good mix between smart and casual.

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A classic, refined choice would be a minimalistic cuff; such a simple, yet impactful piece. Unlike a leather or beaded bracelet, a cuff will suit the formality of any occasion. Modern, sturdy, and sophisticated, a metal cuff will sharpen up a casual look immediately or give a black-tie event outfit some edge. For the man who prefers clean lines and has a fondness for minimalism, opt for a silver piece and make sure if paired with other accessories, choose simply designed.

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Chains are the quintessential choice for men. It is key to keep a staple chain in your neckwear collection. Chains adds character to basic outfit and a great thing about it them is that they can be layered with a smaller chain with a pendant to add interest to your everyday look. The most important thing is that you wear it with quiet confidence and a certain coolness.

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A simple chain necklace always works, but if you are ready to move on to something more advanced, a chain with a pendant is the way to go. Pendants allow you to add that little extra oomph and put your personal style on display. Go for something personal such as religious charms or coin necklaces, which continue to be of timeless style and will work on any occasion.

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To add a simple touch to an everyday outfit, a leather bracelet adds a relaxed, rough-edged, natural look. A woven leather bracelet is a good starting point and a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe- it releases good taste. Pair with a tee for a casual look, or with a tailored look for something smarter. As well, it would work well with a timepiece in a similar hue.

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